Belief is Necessary!

Belief is Necessary!


In order to walk in the things that God has for you, BELIEF is necessary...

Let me ask you...have you ever baked a cake?  Either from scratch or from a box? When you gather all the ingredients and baking utensils to prepare the mixture and you prepare to read the instructions or run through the process in your mind, you begin to add it all into a bowl.  Suddenly you realize, you don't have enough eggs!  You thought you had enough eggs, but that's not the case.  Are the eggs necessary for the cake to bake up correctly? Yes!  If you make the cake without the Necessary amount of eggs, will it turn out right?  Probably not.  The eggs are necessary.

Such it is the same with belief!  Your trying to walk in the things that God has for you. You read your Word daily, you pray daily, you tithe, you go to church, but your missing belief.  You may doubt and worry, even though you prayed.  You may have tithe, but then regretted when that bill came due.  You may have read your devotion in the morning and by the evening 'spoke' opposite of what you had read. (unbelief, doubt)  

Belief. Believing. It's a necessary ingredient in order for God to Bless You.  To release what He has for you.  Speak Belief! Think Belief! Live in Belief!  Don't doubt. Be Steadfast.  Unmovable~

Be Blessed in 2017

Mark 9:23


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